When This Is All Over - Poem

To all of our key workers, thank you so much for everything you’re doing right now! ߒ頊What’s the first thing you’re going to do when this is all over?

When this is all over
When this is all over, we can embrace again
Kisses on the cheek that were once too much
Are a welcomed sign love
When this is all over, we can hold hands again
Look to the young lovers, finally reunited, rejoicing in the freedom to kiss
When this is all over, we may visit our relatives
The newborn babies may get to feel the warmth of their besotted grandparents. Hearing their heartbeat as their held so tightly, to make up for lost time
When this is all over, we will no longer cancel our plans. Friends who’ve waited too long for a catch up will cheers glasses and reminisce of a time when we couldn’t go outside
When this is all over, we will have new skills. Our newly learned ability to see each other through our phones can only help us in this more modern world
When this is all over, we can gather again. The weddings of school sweethearts, shows by our favourite artists, birthday dinners, promotion pints or even just browsing the shops to kill time
When this is all over, we will have a new found respect. For our doctors, nurses, delivery drivers, warehouse workers, supermarket employees, cleaners, bin men and more.
When this is all over, we can make plans again. Be it first dates, anniversary’s or taking the kids to a playhouse. Revelling in the sweet feeling of a full social schedule
When this is all over, we will have a new sympathy. To those who’s lives look like this everyday. The folks who can’t leave their homes for whatever ailment.
When this is all over, we shall know the kindness of our neighbours. Be it sharing eggs, rainbow windows or a gentle hello from across the street
When this is all over, we will visit more. To the elderly who we don’t see as often as we should, we will sit, listen and cherish the time as it passes
When this is all over, it may be hard. Some may struggle to get to their feet again. But we must pull together to help, lend and ear and our hearts.
For when this is all over, there’s a lot of uncertainty. But if we use what we’ve learnt in these trying weeks, we will be ready and willing to help those in need.
When this is all over, it won’t be all over because we will take the lessons we needed from this time, put it into our own lives and we’ll tell stories of the days when we dreamed that this would be all over.

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