Naked Again!! Album cover shoot - Vlog

Have you ever glued hair extensions to your nipples? Casual Wednesday for me lol Sorry for any illusions that may have been shattered in this video. "Stranger Things" Wouldn't tell me where they filmed lol Thanks a million to Emma Jane Lewis for being my favourite photographer ever and for Lou from 'LoveHairByLou' for making me a mermaid!
Im sure you can tell but there was a lot of uncertainty on the day. We didn’t really know if using the black backdrop would create the void of nothing the way I’d imagined. It really was a case of just having to try it out on the day! You may or may not know that original name for the album was supposed to be “Holy Water”. It was to signify the idea of washing away my sins. Hence the water void.
Also, you may notice that my arms are a little.. well... naked lol Bless Emma, she had to add them in in post! As I have no self control.
I'm sure you can tell this was filmed a very long time ago and to be honest, watching this back I don't even recognise myself through the insecurities and lack of self confidence. I'm so glad that since this I've been able to grow into myself and actually love myself so much more!
I hope you're having a happy day and the world is treating you well!

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