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My new single 'Away with the Fairies' is out now:

You can now pre-save my new album, Confessional:
So we are edging ever closer to official release day - I can't quite believe it!! Confessional is now out there, available for pre-ordering and pre-saving! (EEEP!)

Now I’m at this next milestone in the journey, it stirs up a lot of emotions – my old friend anxiety; that my deep-held experiences and secrets are going to be coming out, hope; that people connect with the songs and the messages; confidence; that I have made something true to me and what I always wanted to produce. But on top of all that, the most overwhelming feeling is gratitude.

I'm grateful for the musicians, artistes, friends old and new, who came together with their amazing musicianship and creativity, to help me get this recorded at RAK Studios in London, and Westland Studios in Dublin.

I’m grateful for close friends and family who encouraged me and calmed my fears when I thought I couldn’t finish this, or had dark times reliving the experiences which I’ve poured into the album and the book.

I’m grateful for YOU - my “fans”, followers – friends. It was such an honour to create something for you that I put my heart and soul into, all the while knowing I had your support in SO many ways. Confessional is as much yours as it is mine, and I hope when it comes out on may 1st you'll understand why I had to take this journey and how important it was that I did so.

Here are the links I mention in the video, and thank you for getting this far! :)

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