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Based on reality or is it all just for fun? Who knows? I sure as hell won’t be sharing aha If you haven’t guessed, my accent comes out when I’m angry - so I’ve attached the poem here!

What’s New?
How dare you try and come back into my life
Through a different door from which you left
“Honey I’m home”, stood in the doorway
With a cheap bouquet of beaten flowers
Heads Hanging on by a thread
Crying out for liquid life
Am I to ignore that door you closed, bolted and barricaded?
It cut me when you cut me off. But I let those wounds heal on their own.
Ignoring the ache, the dull persistent pain that I wouldn’t allow myself to shed a tear over.
But you eased your way back in. These cuts never allowed to turn scars.
With every I miss you, you tore of the scab I worked so damn hard to achieve.
Only for you to let me down again, and again and again. Forever to bleed out the bane of you never quite leaving me or loving me but you sure as hell never losing me.

It says more about you then it does about me. I, foolish and a fan of pain would crawl through barbed wire to hear you say something remotely kind about my character as you tuck my loose hair behind my ear.
As for you, I know you no better than the day we met. Filled with constant contradictions tied up in some sort of irony only found in an obscure indie film. How the boy who loves movies about love, appears to know nothing of the turmoil it creates in another.
To have seen countless hours worth of perfectly crafted story lines of Hollywood romantics and their so sickly sweet antics of adoration. Surely you, could pick up a cue, or two on how to be a man like pictures portray.

But here you are, stood in my doorway with bargain bucket bouquet.
And I’ll pretend that today will be the day
You won’t slip away and leave me to wither like the once beautiful rose you’re already waiting to discard onto me.
I’ll water those stems, care for those petals like I will for myself.
What’s new?

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