Saint of the Sinners - Audio commentary

Saint of the Sinners is one of my favourite songs on the album, so here's some insight into how it was written and recorded, the sound and final production. It was written with song-writing team Alkemi, and my producer Jonathan Quarmby - and actually went through a number of lyric and structure changes before we landed on what I ended up releasing. I wrote this song to help me own my past, to face up to the things I’d done. Being the ‘saint’ of the sinners perfectly describes the misery I was causing to myself and others; no-one was doing it better – or rather, worse - than me!! A bit like Confessional, it was never meant to be a single but to me it’s the natural next piece of the puzzle which is laying the foundation for the album. Hope you enjoy and remember to like, share and tickle the bell for notifications of new videos!! Have a happy day friends! :) X

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