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I've gone back to my roots on this album, and wanted to give it a traditional sound and feel. I had the pleasure of working with supremely talented musicians both in London (RAK studios) and Dublin (Westland Studios). The Dublin studio has since closed, is so sad ߘ堉t breaks my heart to see such an amazing space not being available to anyone any more, it's happening more and more, and just makes it harder for people to access such awesome facilities. Needless to say we had a great time and have brilliant memories!!

This video is a quick trip through the recording of Confessional, was such a blast! Massive thanks to all the musicians who added so much to this track! Backing vocals from Nathan Thomas & Gav Skegs, Mike Giverin on mandolin and Bouzouki, Anna Mary Donaghy on fiddle, Peter Browne on accordion, Eoin Dillon on uilleann pipes and whistle, Brian Fleming killing it on bodhran & cows ribs, Daniel Bingham on drums!!

'Confessional' single is OUT NOW!

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