"Why're You Running?"

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It's not what you think, trust me. aha I don't have a problem with running, I just wanted an excuse to write.

Why’re you running?

to be alone

But not isolated

Weaving through strangers on the street

My metronome feet

Bouncing of the concrete

Why’re your running?

I mean,

I just like the outdoors

a change from my old ceiling and floors

To feel the sweat dripping from all my pores

As my body screams “No more”

Why’re you running?

You see doc,

Sometimes I just like not being confined

By my office or by my mind

A little respite from the daily grind

A productive way to unwind

Why’re you running?

What do you want me to say?

That I just like to run away?

To escape my constant thoughts of grey?

And just how I wanted to die today?

But suicide for an artist is far too cliche

Why’re you running?

Because It’s something I’m good at

i mean I’m built for it, I’m pretty, flat

it makes me less terrified of getting, well, fat

It’s not like I’m racing, I’m not a rat

It’s not an issue, why would you say that?

Why’re you running?

Why do you care?

and maybe I don’t want to share

And what if it’s because it’s always there

And that I’m the one running and it’s going no where

I’m not addicted, that’s not fair!

Why’re you running?


Maybe it’s cause I like the pain

its the only thing that makes me feel sane

I chose, I chose when I leave, and it remains

I can escape with intact veins

No one’s there calling my name

Or pointing the finger, to give me blame

It’s a pause button on my mental hurricane

a break from my public domain

Not that I have an ounce of actual fame

Oh, we’re out of time, Shame.

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