Why Bother Fall In Love?

Dumbfounded by the deceased joy
And merriment that once filled the streets
The gawking strangers that would
At one time loom and loiter
Basking in the radiance of
Mother nature’s diminishing constitution

Only echoes remain of the once
Bellowing laughter of young lovers
Dressed in Sunday’s best
Summer silks with the scent of
Artificial bouquets and sweat

Each passer by appeared to be
Catching the eye of another
Unbeknownst to them weather they’d
Become the apple or the tear
In the lifetime near called autumn
Or fall, as the may well have

I, for one, dream of the day
Someone, some how could look to
Me the way they do
But that would require participation
On both parts and a sacrifice
Of my own heart of which I am
Unwilling to leave unchained

For once that gate has been opened
Off would run my emotions
Like a small child high on life and granny liquorice delights
Ignorant of the inevitabilities that
What goes up, must come down

Be it sugar crash or Couples clash
Of heavy handed hearts on sleeves
When half honest truths
are spoken only in sooth anticipating
The unruly decline of the partners love line
Never again to hold hands
Just grudges, to be taken to the grave
And become a slave to bitter resentments
Against the one you once called home
And now you’re grown
You believe it’s known the inaccuracies
Of Shakespeare verse, for it is surly worse to love
Than to never love at all.

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