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Hello guys I recently got the chance to interview the writer of the film Songbird who's main character is inspired and portrayed by Janet Devlin, I would firstly like to thank Tommy Draper for giving his time to let me interview him, I would also like to give a huge thank you to you guys for making The Janet Devlin Fan Club possible! :)

1) What is the film "Songbird" about?

"The film is about Jennifer, a singer/songwriter whose voice is stolen by a witch who collects voices. Jennifer then goes on a journey into the woods to go and get her voice back from the witch."

2) What are your inspirations for writing Songbird?

"I had the idea a while ago but I love 80's fantasy films like Labyrinth and The NeverEnding Story, so I wanted to get that style where someone innocent goes on a journey to get something back or discover something about themselves, so it's that very simple storytelling that I wanted to try and do so those the kinds of films that influenced me. The main character is inspired by Janet Devlin as I was listening to music when I started writing Songbird, to try and find the type of singer I wanted Jennifer in the film to be. One of Janet's songs came up in my playlist (Janet's cover of Friday I'm In Love by The Cure) I knew of Janet way before then but I went back and watched her X Factor audition. I thought that is a very interesting character to take at that time as she was very nervous and insecure with this great voice so I based the character at the starting point of the film around that audition and then throughout the film she becomes more confident, like Janet is today."

3) The filming of Songbird has just finished but was there any complications whilst filming?

"Yeah there was a scene that was very long (scene 17) it is the big finale of the film with the battle between Jennifer and the Collector, it took the director ages to storyboard, it was the busiest day for filming and we did it on the last day of shooting. That was the most complicated scene to do and to make it even worse it rained all day so everyone was soaking wet, but we got the scene and it looks fantastic so apart from everyone being a bit soggy it still worked."

4) what has been your favorite moment about making the film?

" I think for me seeing all the dedicated cast a crew, but also the fact that Janet has wrote some songs for the film. I am a fan of Janet's work anyway and having her write songs specifically for Songbird and knowing that what I wrote has inspired her to write something else. So it’s like I have inspired a song from someone I’m a fan of, so that's probably my favorite moment." 

5) Is there a release/expected release date?

"Not for definite right now but it will be early next year. We will be trickling out some of the shots we took as teasers and probably get a trailer out as well. So there are all sorts of stuff coming out about the film as we build up towards the release." 

6) What inspired you to become a writer?

"I just love films and I have watched a lot of films. I had a few ideas for stories and just started writing and now I have a few films made."

7) What’s been your most challenging moment in the time you have been a writer?

"I guess it all changes depending on the screenplay, they all have their own challenges. With Songbird the biggest challenge I had was making the main character not talk because with Jennifer when her voice is stolen it has totally gone and you have to then somehow get a character that people want to watch without any dialogue and that's quite difficult."

8 ) Do you have any advice to give to aspiring writers?

"Just sit down and write. A lot of people will get half way through and start another project and that way you never finish it. If you do it all the way through you can concentrate on it and make it better. So the best thing to do is sit down and write and do it until you finish what your story." 

9) Will Songbird be shown in UK cinemas or at any UK festivals?

"Hopefully it will, with festivals you have no control on if they accept you or not. Another film we made was played at festivals but also played before films at cinemas. Hopefully Songbird will be available to see on the big screen at festivals. We will let you know."

10) Where will people be able to purchase Songbird when it is released?

"It's available to pre-order on Indiegogo and after that, we will see!"

Thank you for reading my interview with Tommy Draper and make sure to join The Janet Devlin Fan Club for all things Janet.


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