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Hello guys, I recently got the chance to interview Janet Devlin again before her gig at St Pancras Old Church on the 20th November 2015. I would firstly like to thank Janet for giving her time to let me interview her and thank insomnia music for making the interview possible. I would also like to give a big thanks to you guys for making The Janet Devlin Fan Club possible :) 

Since my last interview what have you been working on?

"I have been doing so much since the last time I talked to you Kieron, I have been working on a Christmas EP and I have been working on the second album but I have been working on that for some time now, I've been in the US a lot promoting Running with scissors and also promoting December Daze and Duvet Daze so its all been super busy since the last time we spoke."

What inspired you to start singing in the first place?

"This is gonna sound like an X factor sob story but it was really my grandmother, she was always telling me I should go singing lessons or just sing in general because I used to sing around the house a lot because she used to babysit me a lot, so yeah she was the one who got me to take that step to start singing. The first thing I ever did in front of people was when I was twelve and we had a mass for her and I sang in church for her and she didn't know it was me until afterwards, she was really over the moon, so yeah really her to be honest"

You recently did a collab with SHY & DRS on there track "Beautiful To Me" as part of the anti-bullying week 2015, where can people get the song and what advice would you give to people being bullied?

"alrighty well it is on anywhere you would purchase your music normally like your iTunes and your Amazon, yeah wherever you buy your music its gonna be there, and for me I was really terrible I didn't really go to anyone and when I did it went horribly wrong but I think for me I would say just sit it out because these people who are being mean to you or being rude to you like they will grow out of it and will realise that actually they were wrong and they were literally just taking there insecurities out on you and its not you it is them, its a them problem, like you just sit it out and you will come out the other end one strong little mofo so its so worth it"

I believe you are a Tellytubies fan, which is your favourite?

"oh my god, I think Lala yep we are on the Lala ship here erm yeah, my mum bought me those all 4 of them but seriously she bought me them when I was 18, I just came home and she was so chuffed she was like "go upto your room, go upto your room!!!" and I was like okay I go to my room and when I got to my room there was 4 tellytubbies on my bed she was like "I got you all the tellitubbies!!!" I was like thanks mum haha"

Do you miss the life that you had in Ireland before you joined the X factor?

"erm no not really at all to be honest, I know that sounds so bad but like I don't miss it because that's not what I wanted, I never wanted to be a small town girl I never wanted to just get a job and get married and have kids, that was never my plan I couldn't see that for myself ever, some people used to ask what I wanted to be when I grow up I thought it was really hard to explain that I didn't want that, I do miss seeing my best friend a lot though, I miss seeing Megan I miss seeing my bro but you know I see them whenever I can and they are so supportive."

You recently spent time in the Hard Rock Cafe Vault, if you could leave one item in the vault to represent Janet what would it be and why?

"I'm gonna go for ermmm just my favourite item in there and that is John Frusciante's guitar because if you know me you know I am a massive chilli peppers fan and I love John Frusciante and I love his work and I think he is you know the main man in the chillis but he's not there any more which is real sad, but yeah I would defiantly take that guitar like its my favourite thing ever."

Do you have any plans on a 2016 tour and if so will this be a world, US or UK tour? 

"There has been some whispers of a west coast tour of America but no one has told me anything for certain but im holding out for it im hoping that will come to fruition and ermmm UK tour hopefully yeah like I mean once this record gets done it will probably be late next year, that will be fun because this year I didn't do a tour of the UK its the first time time I have never done a tour of the UK I think since I started this job ermm I normally do one a year but yeah I wanna play as much as I can next year so I think people should just look out for that really." 

If you were stranded on a desert island what 3 items would you take?

"Part 1 would be a book on how to get off a desert island step by step guide hahahaha, 2 would be a radio that works obvs and number 3 (she actually said 4 #JanetCantCount) would be food because lets face it we need food."

What inspired the name and creation of your Christmas EP "December Daze"?

"So December Daze is because I did the EP Duvet Daze and you know when I came to the conclusion I was doing a Christmas EP I was like well I really liked what I did with that one so it was just the same alliteration you know obviously using the double D, but it was when I was out in New York city it was snowing and pretty and gorgeous erm it got me thinking im such a grinch and its terrible and I need to stop that, so I got back to the hotel jumped in with my guitar player Roo and we started writing December daze and it wasn't until I got back to the UK I was like yeah maybe I might make a Christmas EP, so then I thought stick with the December daze thing so yeah."

There are lots of goodies on your pledge music store page for "December Daze" but which is your favourite? 

"Oh gosh my favourite thing is sad because it is the most expensive but I wish someone would like buy it because its gonna be so much fun its like the home show gig because I think that is so cool just to rock up to someone's house."

Thank you for reading my interview with Janet Devlin make sure to join The Janet Devlin Fan Club for all things Janet. If you would like to get December Daze pre order now on iTunes here or for physical copy you can pledge on Pledge Music 


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