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Hey all, I recently had another catch up with Janet during her gig at Pizza Express Live on the 22/12/2017 and once again I would like to thank JD for giving up her relaxing time in the dressing room up to let me ask her some questions, also to Insomnia Music for being awesome as always. To everyone reading this I hope you enjoy as much as I enjoy doing these interviews.

Last time we spoke we talked about your new upcoming album Holy Water, How is this album going and is there a date we can expect it?

"There will definitely be a single before summer next year, as for the album I got no idea of when that will be released, the first two months of next year will be planning for the release of it so then I will know."

Are you currently working on any other projects at the minute?

"Loads of secret projects that nobody can know about, I got one massive one that takes up a lot of time, for a while I was getting up at like 7am work on this project for two hours in the morning then an hour before i went to bed so that three hours a day on this single project everyday and im still working on it and I will still be working on it next year for roughly two months and then it will be done, but i cant tell anyone what that is."

Are there any tour plans this year?

"Tour plans for next year will coincide with whenever we do the album release so best case is the album comes out in summer so then it will be a winter tour, that would be amazing because I want to play new music." 

We currently saw the release of Songbird the short film you starred in, are you happy with how its turned out and is there anything you think could have went maybe been a little better?

"Well firstly I haven't watched the film, that sounds really bad but I cant watch myself, I did watch my sign of copy which was pre SFX, from what I have seen of it I don't think there is anything we could have done better really."


Since it's Christmas time, the next few questions are random Christmas questions, what is your favourite Christmas song?

"Favourite Christmas song is Fairytale of New York by The Pogues, Hands down easy"

What's your opinion on the smelly green vegetable balls that are sprouts?

"I like them, my dad hates them with a passion so were not allowed them at Christmas time but I do appreciate when I go round and have Christmas dinners in restaurants during the holiday time, I get so excited because I get sprouts"

Do you and your family have any Christmas traditions?

"One Christmas tradition that we do have I have already done which is when I hear Fairytale of New York on the radio it's officially Christmas, so I was at dinner round my managers house and Fairytale of New York came on the radio, I texted my brother it's officially Christmas I just heard Fairytale of New York, other traditions i would say we are just like anyone else, Christmas dinner at the table, we go to church every Christmas eve so yeah we're quite traditionally actually I didn't realise we were." 

As a vegan what will you be having instead of turkey dinner this year?

"I don't think you can replace turkey so for me I will be having loads of potatoes (she is keeping the stereotype alive) loads of vegetables and loads of gravy, just basically everything but the turkey." 

If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?

"So my superpower would be that im immortal and I figure that if I just don't die over the time that I live I can acquire all of the knowledge and cure all the diseases because I have got the gift of time, Yeah just live forever trying to fix as many problems I can, basically just the oracle but also not die."

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