Allergies (poem) by Janet Devlin from Liliana's blog


You say that I'm sensitive 

But I know that I'm not

I'm just a little allergic

to all the feelings I've got 

It must be my hay fever 

that's why my eyes are red 

if you think that I've been crying 

well I'm sorry you've been mislead 

it's not because you touched me 

it just must be the fact 

that there's something on you skin 

that's making my body react 

my eyes are only bloodshot 

because i'm wearing fur 

it's definitely not because of the way 

i saw you looking at her 

I'm only uncomfortable 

because of something I had to eat 

it's not because you give me butterflies 

I'm allergic to wheat 

my doctor always told me 

that I should change my diet 

but doing that would mean loosing you 

and I'm not willing to try it 

I'm used to being sick now 

my intolerance is low 

but that didn't make it any easier 

when you told me I should go 

My body is always shaking 

because you're still in my system 

and I should've known by now 

this was a permanent condition 

I told you I'm allergic 

to everything I feel 

don't tell me it's all in my head 

because i know that this was real 

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By Liliana
Added May 23 '16



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